Across Our Kitchen Table

“All great change begins at the kitchen table.”

Ronald Reagan

We love our kitchen table. It is the hub of our house – the place where a lot of life happens. Meals are eaten, homework is completed, games are played, art is created, conversations are had, budgets are balanced, holidays are celebrated, and vacations are planned. It is usually where our day begins and ends. Our kitchen table is where moments and milestones become memories. It is our family autobiography – our story written in seemingly insignificant detail. Every scratch, every stain, every rounded edge and worn spot serves as a memory of a moment lost in time.

Not only does life happen around our kitchen table, but life, real life, is shared across our kitchen table. Relationships are born and grown around our kitchen table. Life is explored, emotions are expressed, and debates are waged as lives become intertwined.

This blog serves as a virtual kitchen table. A place where we can share insights and ideas from the things that happen across our real kitchen table.

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